Tuesday, April 10, 2007

no gray clouds

I just noticed that I have entered a whole lot, and what I have has been such downers.  Letting you know here that I don't have the thunderhead looming over me.  Just fluffy white clouds, mostly sunny.  LOL!  I've got a new scrapbook magazine in the mail (always makes me smile) and I'm on the 3rd book of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Feeling good.

Sunday morning early early - went to the Sunrise service at Kailua Beach Park.  It was gorgeous!  It was a collaberation of 4 churches, so there were lots of people there, for 6am on a Sunday.  To me, the sight looked like how I imagine when Jesus taught crowds of people, all sprawled out on the grass. (but there was nowhere near 5000) And then when we were singing, because of the lighting of the time of day, I could see various people sillouetted and lifting their hands - makes me tear up now remembering it.  I can just imagine that's what it will be like in heaven - except we ALL will be lifting our hands because we won't be ashamed or embarrassed and we will FEEL it in our hearts!  Then after the short service, we walked out to the beach and watched the baptisms.  Wonderful!  And then, when all that was done, we drove to church and ate breakfast!  Yum!  And if you missed the early service, they had a 9:00 service.  :-)

Our church.  I still have conflicting feelings about it.  I'm such a Baptist at heart.  The church we go to has Baptist in the name, but it's not affiliated with any denomination.  They are even considering changing the name, which I think they should do.  I'm okay that they don't take up an offering (they have a box in the back where you can put it if you wish ) and they support their own missionaries (however, I still love the IMB) - but I do have reservations that there isn't an invitation at the end.   And I expressed my concern to the pastor.  They do mention that if you have prayer concerns, there are people who will pray with you - but I really want my kids to see people make that decision and come forward.  Who were these people that got baptized Sunday?  There is no announcement, no chance for us to go forward and shake their hands and rejoice with them.   They don't even list names in the bulletin or anything.  Also, this pastor touches on the need for Jesus, but rarely does he just lay it out.  I have to be honest and say I was disappointed that he did this yet again on Sunday - the perfect opportunity to speak to those who don't normally attend any church service.  This is totally the Baptist coming out in me.  He expects people to come from their own desire from within - which is good, but most people won't come if you don't ask them or suggest it!  They are just waiting!  I've seen it too much to think differently.

Anyway, I've said it before, it's a very hippy-dippy mentality.  Heaven forbid if we get a committee together.  :-)  I imagine lots of people go for this sort of thing.  I'm a very by-the-book, rules girl so it's not my nature.

But having said all that, I do think this is where we are meant to be - for the time being.  I am learning to loosen up.  I actually raise my hands up to waist height sometimes during songs!  If you knew me, you would know this is the equivalent of doing back flips down the aisle.  I am learning that it's okay to bodily express joy and gratitude - worship.  Tee-hee!  See, those hippies are good for something!

Well, it's almost 11 am and I haven't showered yet.  I'm still stinky from my walk, so I better get to it!  Have a great day.


am4039 said...

my daughter went to service on sunday there was 3 combines churches. She said it was beautiful and so many people. She had a great time.

nana0014 said...

I can only imagine how beautiful that service was.
Take care, Chrissie