Monday, April 30, 2007

did you see it?

LOL!  I'm SUCH a geek!  Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring was on TBS yesterday.  We get it early here due to the time difference - so I didn't have to stay up late.  The Two Towers is next Sunday and then I'm sure they'll do the Return of the King the next week.  I have to say this about the movie - no it's not as good as the book because they cut out such a huge amount of it - but they did an excellent job casting.  Perfecto.  (I still think Legalos is hot)

Got some bad news today.  Jake's teacher will be out for the rest of the year.  She's been out more than in for the past couple of months.  I *think* the excuse is her ankle.  She hurt it really bad.  I guess it's too much of an active job to be hobbled.  But, I don't know, that just doesn't seem right...  I need to ask around.

The Vortex of Motherly Wisdom.  I need to tell you about this real quick.  There is a little gazebo at the school playground that some of us moms sit at while the kids play after school.  One of the moms had a friend visiting - and that's what she called it.  I think it's the Black Hole of Motherly ChitChat.  Anyway, I will probably be referring to this in future posts.  Right now, school is almost out and I need to visit the VMW.  Um, and before you make assumptions, we are not Stepford Wives - got some hippy moms in the group. 


gosso23 said...

I loved the Lord of the Rinds. My son read the books when he was little and when the movie came out I took him on opening day. That is hard when a teacher leaves during the school year because they know your child so well already.  I hopw the new teacher is nice. I used to love the chitchat when I picked up my kids from school. Hope your doing good. Have you heard about Kim? If not email me and I will let you know.
Take care,

lanurseprn said...

LOL on the VMW.  Sounds like a good group!  
I hope the teacher is ok, and that the new replacement will be acceptable.  That's hard on the kids.