Wednesday, April 25, 2007


As you may or may not know, I'm from Alabama.  Born there and raised there most of my childhood.  Some of my childhood was spent in Richmond, VA.  I haven't been to AL since I graduated high school  No, I'm not one of those people who was just dying to get out of the small town.  I like that little popsicle stand.  (you know how people say, let's blow this popsicle stand... I guess you shouldn't use it if you have to explain it... LOL!)  My hometown is like a little Mayberry.  Very cute.

My mom is from North Carolina.  She willingly traveled with dad as his job took him.  But, she still wanted to go back to her home, sometime.  So, that is where they are living now.  Unfortunately, while she longed for closeness with her siblings (which she has MANY), they didn't want it so much.  It's an odd family and I'm very sad for her.

Anyway, meanwhile, they still own the home in Alabama.  That land and house has been in the family for many generations.  My dad's dad built that house (after a fire burned down the "big house" - it sounds oh so southern, doesn't it?).  There have been a few renters, but none too good.  A few years back, dad consented to selling the house.  (with reservations from me, but I really don't foresee living there)  Well, the house never sold.  It hardly even showed.  People wanted a ludicrously low price - and there is a LOT of land.  Like 15 acres.

So, warp speed up to current times.  My parents are going to sell the house they are living in now.  Hopefully it will sell for what they want and quickly.  They should get top dollar since they've upgraded almost everything and it's in a primo location (for that town).  They've already consulted with someone and they've drawn up plans to make changes in the Alabama home.  They are going to add a master suite and bath to the lower level of the home and redo the pool.  They are really pushing hard for us to move there.

I would love to.  But I'm afraid it's too far from Gary's mom. (in NC)  I even threw out the notion that his next job should be the one in Huntsville and he could work on taking the Alabama bar.  ha ha  He wasn't too amused. 

It's hard when the families are from different states.  It was easy when everyone was living in NC.  My brother and his family just moved to Illinois.  Good luck to him trying to get someone to visit there!

Anyway, this is some of what has been on my mind.


nana0014 said...

I know what you mean about living far from your family. I'm from Texas and living in Kentucky. All our family is spread out too. Hope your parents get what they want.
Take care, Chrissie

lanurseprn said...

My family is in Alabama, too.  Once we were scattered, that was it.  We saw each other at weddings and funerals pretty much.  <sigh>

am4039 said...

where in IL. did he move. I live in IL. Good luck to your parents for trying to sell there home and move to AL. I know it's a tough choice for you and family.