Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Tonight is lasagne night.  I made it from my mom's recipe - scratch.  Yum!  It's baking right now.  It's been a while.

I visited the eye doctor Saturday - I like her a lot.  I have to go again on Thursday - to redo a test.  I think I have to redo a peripheral vision test too.  She said that I didn't test well in one eye.  But I think it was because I was afraid to blink - and you know how your vision messes up when you don't blink.  You know how you take the hearing test and you have to click the button when you hear the sound.  Well, this test you click the button when you see the wavy lines (while you are staring at the dot in the center).  You're like, wait, did I see something??  Oh, I think I did - there it is again, or was it?  LOL!  I'm a bad tester!  She also said that I've got astigmatism (yes, I know) plus far sighted.  What??  I've been nearsighted all my life!  Um, your eyes change as you age...

I'm finally getting my hair cut on Friday.  I scored a name of a lady in Kaneohe, so I hope she's "the one".  I might take a picture of myself before then, because my hair hasn't been this long in a while.  But it's way gray.  And I don't have my contacts yet.  (so vain!)

I'm getting excited about getting my implant.  I made Gary finally feel it and he was surprised at how firm it is.  It's like having a softball sit on my chest.  Please Lord, let the implant be squishy!  I put on a temporary tattoo of a flower, uh, right in the center.  LOL!  It's taking it's sweet time washing off.  I'm afraid it will still be there come surgery time.  Oooh, oooh!  I've got an idea.  I'll put on one of my sons' Spongebob tattoos!  I wonder if my Plastic Surgeon remembers me teasing about it?  (how could he forget??  I get so goofy around the man - purely juvenile) 


nana0014 said...

Dinner sounds great. I hate all kinds of tests eye and other wise. I hope you do take pictures of your hair who cares if you're gray most of us are. Then show us the after. Well just take the pictures without your glasses on if that's all you're worried about.
Take care, Chrissie

demandnlilchit said...

REALLY LOL on that tattoo thingy!! Since my left breast is till faceless and looks like it will be for awhile my Jim keeps teasing me about a permanent and a smiley face! lol lol lol


lanurseprn said...

Lasagne sounds yummy!  Take a pic of your hair before and after. If my hair were a nice gray I'd let it go natural. But, it's not.  It's mousy brown with gray. Ugly. So I color it.
I've thought of getting contacts.  I'm getting sick of my glasses.  Maybe this year. I know what you mean about not wanting to blink during that test. I always think I'll miss a wavy line. LOL!
Have a good day.

gosso23 said...

I love lasagne! yummy. I think you should go with the spongebob tatoo. That would just be too funny. Good luck with the haircut..I don't know about you..but when I had hair, I would get such anxiety over a haircut! I would put it off and my hair would drive me nuts. Then just the day I am due to go it would look beautiful then I would second guess the appointment. (Oh lord reading that back..I might be a wierdo...lol)
Take care,