Tuesday, April 3, 2007

have you been squished lately?

This is a friendly little reminder, in honor of Jland's very own Kim at I Shaved My Legs For This?,  who just received some very bad news.  Please go over and give her support if you haven't already - I have her link on the side. (I think the few who read this have already done so)  Please don't forget to make your appointment to get a mammogram this year, when you are due!  And please, please, please don't ignore any lumps.  As they say, the only good lump is one in a jar!

Kim, we love you and I'm praying that this is a wrong diagnosis, and if not that, they can knock this puppy down.  Keep it at bay, wimpering in the corner.  Bad dog!  I'm sorry, I don't deal well when things get serious. 


Personally, I'm waiting for them to call to make the appointment.  I've already called my PCM and she put in the request for my mammogram - if they don't call by the end of the week, then I'm calling them.  Gotta get it done before the surgery since the date is close to the one year mark.  Yes, time does fly.  My concerning mammogram was in June last year.  Oh, I haven't posted yet that my surgery date to get my implant and get this rock hard expander out of me is May 15.

I'm currently watching The Bachelor.  Can't resist.  He's in the military and stationed here at Hawaii, so there is a lot of local interest.  I even already have some insider gossip about him, which I won't share, since I don't gossip.  pfffft.  LOL!  But anyway, he seems too good to be true, doesn't he?  Good looking, doctor, officer, athlete, "heart of gold" volunteer - what's wrong?  Gary said he must be gay.  I wondered if it's because he's a closet jerk, but hearing his voice.... That may be it.  It kinda drones.  But really, we can look past the voice, can't we?  At least it's not attached to an annoying accent.  Hmmmm, he just mentioned that he liked kids and he used to teach sunday school.  Christians don't usually play out well on t.v.  If he's a strong (real) one, then I'm surprised they chose him.  Not enough sex and swearing, LOL!

Ugh, who picks these girls???  There's a handful I hope he doesn't give a rose to - and the show has only been ona half hour!!  LOL!


lanurseprn said...

LOL I wish I'd seen the show. I'll make sure to watch it next week.
I feel bad for Kim. Have been praying for her.

am4039 said...

I read kim's journal all the time and she is a wonderful lady all right. I'm praying. Thanks for letting everyone know.

nana0014 said...

I think I watched the first couple of Bachelors then lost interest really fast.. they were all the same. Best wishes to Kim.
Take care, Chrissie