Tuesday, April 10, 2007

school stuff

I have been very concerned lately, increasingly, about the boy's school.  It used to be reputedly the best public elementary school in Hawaii.  And this is evidenced by the prices of the houses in our neighborhood.  But it seems the school has gone way down hill - there has been a high teacher turnover and principal instability.  I have heard from five (5) different people about 5 different situations at the school where the current principal (who has been there for 3 years) was just, um, ineffective.  She essentially did nothing.  Either that or her best shot was to hand out g.e.'s (geographical exceptions).  What??????  Yep.  There is a situation in the 5th grade class where 3 boys are being disruptive and the teacher unable to handle it, so much so that PARENTS take turns coming into the classroom every day to keep an eye on things.  And the principal is proud of this solution!!  My next door neighbor has pulled her son out of school because his teacher won't challenge him.  The poor boy begged to be homeschooled after winter break.  The mom has tried to get him either moved to a different class or bumped up to the next grade and has talked extensively to the teacher (who you would think would love to have a child who is eager to learn).  Each time she talks to the principal she's like, "and who is this child?  and what is the problem?"  like she's never met them before!!  So now he's home and they are looking for solutions for next year.

Anyway, I didn't mean to fall into a gossip session.  I'm just more and more convinced that I need to get that mom's prayer group started.  I've been noodling this.  And all my noodling has brought me to the conclusion that I should have started with.  I need to pray about it.  I am sooooo willing and wanting for this to happen.  I'd even be willing to clean my house weekly and host it here!  But getting it started...  God's gonna have to bring us together.  I've been wanting this ever since I found out we were going to move.  Surely there are one or two more moms that feel the same.  Months ago I talked to the area MITI leader, but that's gone no where.  She has my name and number though, in case anyone contacts her.  I need to pray for boldness to probe the few Christian moms that I know.  I've joined the MITI group at our church, but theyare mostly homeschool moms, and I really don't like using up Sunday School time with a parachurch org.  (yeah, another beef I have)

Well, I just wanted to get that out.


am4039 said...

I sure hope the school gets better. It's a shame about the school. Hopefully they will do what it takes to get it back.

nana0014 said...

We're having some problems with our schools here too with no light in sight.
Take care, Chrissie

lanurseprn said...

Our schools here are terrible. My son goes to a private Christian school and luckily he's done very well.
Good luck with the group you want.  I hope you do it.