Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lost sighting

not by one of us this time.  Someone who works with Gary was at the beach (I don't know which one) and Juliet of Lost (they dedicated last night's episode to her - oooooh, she's so sneaky and evil!!!!  Love her/hate her!) walked right up to them and chatted a little bit.

Gary had his own "sighting" last week.  He saw Desmond again - but this time it was on tv he was on a movie in which he portrayed Jesus.  Had me fooled for a second.

Anybody else caught up in the Lost series?  I finally got Gary hooked.  He resisted for a long time until this fall.  Now he even reads websites!  :-)  It's good to have something decent to watch after the disaster that has become of American Idol.

Yes, I watch too much tv.

I keep hoping to spot Hurley or Sayid.  (I think Sayid is hot - can you say smouldering dark eyes?)  They say Locke (hot too - but just the self assured one, not when he was "before" the plane wreck)  lives on the North Shore - and we don't get up that way much.  Just once since we've been here.

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nana0014 said...

Don't watch Lost, but when it started I thought I wanted to, but never had time. The only thing I watch is Grey's Anatomy. I liked Brothers and Sisters, but for some reason can't remember to watch it and now I'm lost. That's cool that you all are just running into people from the series.
Take care, Chrissie