Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I love May!

I have decided that May is my favorite month - after December (because of Christmas).  May is full of so many fun things in the Brock household.

Birthdays:  Mine!, my MIL's, my brother's, my SIL's, a niece

Holidays: Mother's day, Memorial Day and Boy's Day

Mine and Gary's Anniversary #19

Plus this year I get a new boob and a lift on the old remaining one.

It's all good!  The only dark clouds are so trivial, calling them dark clouds is just melodrama.  Let's see, I have a mammogram (I've already beat that dead horse), I don't have my contact yet (but it's been ordered) and my new haircut looks like Prince Valient.

Let's discuss the haircut.  Let's not.  Prince Valient says it all.  I'll go back and get highlights and when I do I'll get her to work on the shape.  Maybe my bangs will have grown out a tad by then...  Yes, I'm going back.  I liked her personality.  AND she said she likes my gray on me.  LOL!  I guess flattery does work!  But I must say, Earl did do a much better haircut.  I think it was a miscommunication.  I hope.  LOL!

I've got to say this though, the haircut on another person would look fine.  I've been noticing it everywhere.  Patricia Arquette on Medium has it, Barbara Walters has it.  But I've got just enough curl and weirdness that I look more like PV.  It needs a little tapering to get a cute, rounder fun fluffy wedgy shape in back, and not such a severe cut on the bang.  Normally, the hairdressers do this without me having to tell them.  I usually just have to tell them how short and to not cut the sides short and it always turns out pretty much the same.  Hmmm.

There.  I've gotten it out of my system.  Now we all can get on with our regular programming.  :-)

I'm so vain.


gosso23 said...

I love May too! My birthday is on the 23rd! When is yours? When is your Anniversary? Happy Anniversary!! I want to see a picture of that haircut. I'm sure it looks wonderful. ok back to my regular programming too.......

lanurseprn said...

Wow May is your month, that's for sure!  I'm catching up here. Haven't read your entries in a few days.