Tuesday, November 28, 2006

great minds think alike

I chose #2 also!!  Hooray!  And your prize is.... a brand new car!!  Just kidding.  ;-)

I'm so exhausted.  This was NOT the week to start this new "diet".  I *tried* to cook the salmon, but something has happened to our grill.  I think the turkey killed it.  It has fire, a little bit - the temp won't go over 300 degrees.  So, needless to say, the salmon didn't cook.  I had to toss it.  What a waste!  And then, I had to cook a large pot of soup to eat throughout the week.  Plus I had to shop around for some ingredients I couldn't find.  I'm going to have to make a pizza crust for tomorrow, since I can't find a whole grain premade crust.  I can do it, but it's just more work.

On top of it all, this is a bad week for Gary at work.  The whole Stryker thing.  The native Hawaiians are protesting the Army training troops on the Stryker.  (a tank I think)  Something about protecting the environment.  This thing has been in the works for years, it's been through the courts already, all the studies have been done. The native Hawaiians want the military presence gone - so there is nothing acceptable to them.  And apparantly this whole thing came to a screeching halt because of politics.  Election year and all.  Playing both sides of the fence.  Ugh.  So Gary has been dragged into it.  BTW, Gary is a JAG.  An Army lawyer.  He said his part will be done this week.  I won't hold my breath.  I just hope it doesn't go into the holidays.  :-(

Today I had my first fill.  They put 100 cc's in!  More than I thought they would, but it didn't make a whole lot of difference.  I guess I'm expecting too much.  But I do see a difference.  I still have a lot of excess skin, so maybe I won't feel the stretching until another fill or two.  I feel great.  No pain or tightness.  It is raised more in the center (the cleavage area), which bothers me a little because my skin is sensitive there.  And of course I'm paranoid that it's too close to the center (making a uni-boob), and I'm paranoid that it's too low because my bra band goes right over it - it has from the beginning.  I"m sure when the hard expander comes out  and the soft implant goes in all will be fine.

My booblet.  I can't wait to show Gary, if only he'll get home sometime!!

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