Thursday, November 9, 2006

well thank goodness

Reva's going to live!  I just couldn't believe they would knock off such a major and interesting character.  Now, what to do about Reva and Josh.  The last time they got married they said this was it.  If it doesn't work out, no more.  Yeah, right. 

Well, it looks like my last post didn't take.  Just as well, I'm sure it didn't have much in it. Except maybe the news about Ryan.  He is going to start speech therapy next week.  30 minutes after school on Tuesdays.  Yay!

Snail count: I got 9 today.  NINE!!  Egads.  Just how many are out there??  We've been throwing them out for at least a month.

Physical therapy.  You're going to laugh, but a woman's foo-foo fussing in the morning, trying to get all purdy is the perfect therapy.  I'm appalled at my lack of range of motion.  And all my getting ready activities challenge it.  Drying my hair, shaving my opposite arm pit, even shaving the bad armpit!  Just now I attempted to feel up my good side, you know, for lumps, not for kicks.  That's hard to do!  I find it difficult to cross my arm in front of my body.  It's also hard to stretch my arm straight up and straight forward.  Forget about extending it and going backwards.  I shudder to think that it'll require tearing a few more muscles.  Yeowch!  Housekeeping is good therapy too.  All the reaching required, laundry, putting away dishes, vacuuming...reaching for those snails...  LOL!  Yes, I do the recommended hand walk up the wall.  I do that multiple times throughout the day.  But that whole area on my chest is so still.  It doesn't move like the other side.  I stand naked in front of the mirror a lot, because I have to put on that fungus cream and I let myself air dry before and after.  So I get to see the differences between the sides.  It's not pretty, but it's me and I'm used to it.

The good news is I'm becoming slightly more used to wearing my sock in my bra.  I don't think I'm quite ready for that form yet.

Check out this link:  Apparantly she was on tv today.  She has documented her mastectomy and reconstruction with photographs, because she wasn't able to find such before hers and wanted others to see what to expect.  (did that make sense?)  It's quite brave and beautiful.  I think she looked a lot better that I do, but she wasn't perfect.  So it gives me hope, because her reconstruction is really good.

I'm still sad.  But I've only cried just a tiny bit, once today.  It was when I put on the shirt I'm wearing.  It's not a shirt I would have normally worn, before BC.  It's big and button up.  And it reminds me of recovery, which reminds me of my parents.  Oh yeah, twice.  They sent me an email today.  Gee.  I sound like some homesick teenage bride.  But this is good.  I've always wanted to be close to my family.  I'd rather feel the need to cry than feel nothing at all.

I'm procrastinating.  I need to go right now and get milk and garlic bread.  Because school lets out soon and I've vowed to never take the kids to the grocery store again.  LOL!

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