Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jake's interesting prayer

It went something like this: Dear God, I give my whole life to you.  I will tell everyone about Jesus.

Well, he said a lot more than that, in a kid's way, but this was the basic jist.  So afterwards I asked him, what will you tell people about Jesus.  And he said, that he's the only God in the universe.  And I said, and maybe tell them about God, like how he loves us?  And he said yeah.  I wonder if I've got a little missionary on my hands.  He marched up to me a few years ago and prayed the prayer of salvation, just spontaneously.  This prayer he prayed the other night seems spontaneous too.  Because while he was saying it I was reviewing in my mind the devotional we had just done and the sermon we sat through that morning to try to figure out what sparked this. I dunno.  Sometimes Jake will absorb something (and you would swear he's not listening) and days later bring it up.  I'm thinking he's been stewing on this for a while.

I made pizza tonight.  Tried to make a whole wheat crust.  Tried. *sigh*  That's meal #2, in a row, that I busted my heiney on, and ruined.  Well, I ate it.  Fortunately, I had bought a frozen pizza for Gary and the boys.

I have found an online support group for my new eating efforts, so I won't regale you with every last boring bite of food I've eaten and every mile I've walked.  Yes, I hear your sigh of relief.  LOL!  Yet I do want to shout to these people - stop being so rigid!!  It's okay if the yogurt has 7 grams of sugar instead of the 4 grams of sugar suggested.  You don't have to use olives if you don't like olives.  Quit counting calories!!

We'll see if I don't get kicked off soon enough because I've gone all kamikaze.  :-D



demandnlilchit said...

What a sweet boy your Jake is!

lanurseprn said...

Jake sounds like a little angel.