Friday, November 17, 2006

I survived the tsunami

LOL!  Some tsunami.  I guess it wasn't as puny as the 18 inch tsunami that they had years ago.  But I'm not going to get excited over a 5 foot wave, when they get 20 ft. waves on the North Shore every year as normal.

In my imagination, I think I had a LOST star sighting today.  I was out walking in the neighborhood where Oprah's alleged house is.  So I'm on alert for stars.  And here goes this guy running past me.  He kinda looked like Matthew Fox from the rear.  Didn't get a good look at his face.  But, Matthew Fox is kinda of a ordinary looking guy, if you know what I mean.  He's not a Hurley or Syid.

I'm on the SBCV Disaster Relief email list, and I've been getting all these call outs for help.  When we first moved here, I tried to find something similar, but I haven't found it.  Of course, in my current condition, I really can't help...  But seeing the tornados in North Carolina really gets to ya.  And I see reports of the relief efforts here for after the earthquake.  I saw a news report on a nursing home on the Big Island.  The beds were lined up in rows in the cafeteria.  It will take months for them to get the rooms fixed.  We need to take care of our elderly!!  My heart aches for them.  That is no way to live.

My boys went to a friends house yesterday to swim.  It was the first "social" outing for me, in a long long time.  Nice, but tiring.  Thankfully, Gary knew he was getting home late, so I hadn't planned on cooking.

I don't know if I talked about Ryan's speech therapy yet.  He had it Wednesday.  The man said that Ryan wasn't able to hold his tongue to his teeth hardly at all.  He doesn't have good muscle control in his tongue.  So Ryan has "homework" to practice it.  Thankfully, Ryan is very willing to practice.  I'm not too surprised at this diagnosis since Ryan has had such a hard time with sensory, touching, fine motor skills, and oral defensiveness (gagging on textures and tempuratures) ever since he was a baby.  When he was very young, through Child Find, he got help from a Speech Therapist.  Child Find is funny.  They only want to help with things that pertain to school.  So they wouldn't help with his eating problems.  And I really had issues with the ST, she was very stern and unreasonable, IMO.  She was able to get Ryan to do the tongue side-to-side, so she declared him okay, just stubborn and maybe mom just overreacting and projecting (she didn't use the words, but I clearly got the vibe that I was doing this to him).  So anyway, back to current day - this ST says he DOES have problems moving his tongue side to side.  Vindication!  But it's not a sweet thing.  I don't WISH that Ryan has a problem.  I'm not GLAD.  Not at all.  But at least now we can get help.

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