Friday, November 24, 2006

there was an earthquake yesterday??

Supposedly it was an aftershock from the GREAT EARTHQUAKE OF OCTOBER 2006.  Somewhere in the 5 range of the ricter scale.  We didn't feel it.  At all.  Plus we didn't lose power.  Can you imagine the disaster if we had a statewide powerloss on Thanksgiving??  Oy!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone.  I hope it was pleasant.  Ours was nice.  I slaved in the kitchen and underestimated the length of time the turkey would take, so everything else was ready except Tom Turkey. 

I learned a few things.  Start the turkey early, even if it's only a 3 pounder.  Don't use the recipe I used, because it was not condusive to gravy.  Don't use that snickers apple pie recipe again!  Plain apple pie would have been a lot better. (blasphemy, I know)  Snickers don't melt nicely.  Just gets gooey and clumpy.  Make the corn thing more often - it was good.  Plus I learned that the Top Chef site doesn't put the real recipes online.  I watched most of the marathon yesterday and saw one of them make the pizza and he made dough - the recipe calls for pita bread.  Plus the corn recipe was simple, and the judges DID rave about the layers of flavor.  They're holding back on us.  Ticks me off.

I am so thankful for my family, my good health, for God, for this country and all the things that we take for granted.  Like sight, two arms, two legs, everything pretty much functioning as it's supposed to.  I'm thankful that I get to eat every single meal outside on our lanai, and not getting attacked by mosquitos.  I'm thankful that I'm in a climate that I can exercise outdoors even in winter, which is so helpful to the recuperation.  I'm thankful that I have both my parents, who are still together - very leave it to beaver childhood, and adulthood.  I'm thankful for my two lovely little boys - I love them so much - and that I got both of them at once.  Otherwise, we'd only have one, and I couldn't begin to choose which one.  I'm thankful that God knew better than us.  Because I certainly had my doubts in that first year!!

Anyway, I could go on forever.

Life is sweet, even when it's sour.  :-)

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