Saturday, November 18, 2006

the latest boob news

It's new to me, maybe not everyone else.

Basically it says the FDA has approved the sales of silicone implants again.  They've been banned for 14 years. 

I'm not sure if I'd even have the opportunity to get them, would I want them?  I still have the images of the women who were on daytime talk tv making those cancer, lupus and migrating silicone claims.  Hard to shake a stigma once it's been asserted.

Of course, the whole implant issue is something I never took seriously because I never thought I'd get one (or two).  Never.  Never thought I'd get cancer either... 

Sure none of the studies have linked cancer or lupus to the implants, but, according to the article, they don't address what happens in the body when the silicone leaks into the body.  And implants do rupture.

All food for thought...

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