Tuesday, November 14, 2006

sweet sleep, where art thou?

I haven't slept very well the last few days.  <whine on> Our bed is a "hot" bed, it gets hot in the spot you lay, so you need to move a bit to get out of the hot spot.  Well, I can only sleep on my back, I have no where to go.  I sleep with a fan pointed on me and usually the sheet is kicked off, but I'm still hot.  Sweaty hot.  I yearn to sleep on my side.  Either side would be nice.  I used to flip and flop all night.  I love to sleep.  Being in one position is very hard for me.  It makes me antsy.  Last night at 3:30 I actually got up and laid in the recliner.  let me tell ya, the recliner isn't as comfortable when you aren't on Roxicet.  *sigh*  <whine off>  I'm sure this will pass.  I'm grateful to have a nice bed, roof over my head, and off pain meds.

GTTD (gross things they do)  Ryan picked up a water bottle he found at the playground and took a sip from it.  YUCK!  I was walking over to them because Jake had the bottle and was pouring the water out.  Just that quick Ryan grabbed the bottle and took the swig.  I did the mom grunt unh, unh, unh and he spit it right out.  I told him about all the germs, yadda yadda.  poor thing.  He was horrified.  (note: I always take two water bottles with me to the park, so he knew better)                    This is almost as bad as when he licked the drink machine at McDonalds.  Most boys you worry about the trips to the ER from broken bones.  This child is going to end up with Hepatitis.

The boys went to the arboretum today for a field trip.  Jake was excited to learn that chocolate comes from plants and Ryan was excited to see an earwig.  These boys are so different from each other.  You wouldn't know by personality that they are twins.  :-)

Got my hair cut today, the first in many months.  It's longer and shaggier than the picture you see.   I hate trying to find a new hairdresser.  I may not go back to him.  Yes, him.  I'm not wild about getting my hair cut by men.  I'm too intimidated.  I'm not an agressive person, so I need someone I feel I can say, you need to cut my bangs more.  He cut the back perfect.  As short as I want.  But I guess when I told him to "don't cutthe sides short because it's really curly there" he heard "don't cut the sides and front".  So my hair is the right length back, but barely trimmed elsewhere.  I guess the surfer look is just a little too prevalent here.  LOL!  My eyes are covered!  I need to see if my old hairdresser is still around.  Um, I'm going to stop complaining now.  Because I just remember I've got some dear J-Land friends who have no hair.  :-(  I'm terribly sorry for being insensitive. 

Boy, I need a new 'tude!  Lots of complaining.  Really, I'm not this unhappy in life.  I'm usually a pleasant person to be around.  :-)  Pork chop night!  That'll make anyone happy.  :-)


gosso23 said...

You are so funny! Reading about your kid drinking from the water bottle had me cracking up! I hope you sleep good tonight! And yes you can complain about your hair.....if I had some I would be complaining about mine too. lolol
Take care,

lanurseprn said...

I don't comment here much. Had to say this entry made me laugh.  The boys do some funny things, huh?  I'm sure he won't get sick.  They're tougher than we think.
BTW...loved your entry on pineapples.  I'm gonna start growing a couple soon.  Or at least try to.