Saturday, November 25, 2006

my brave boys...

They both visited Santa, but only Jake allowed the picture.  Jake actually WANTED to visit Santa.  We had to coax Ryan, and even then Gary had to go with him.  This is a big deal in the Brock household.  It's been years since they've visited Santa.  They've never really liked any large characters.  All of their pictures with Santa are either crying babies or the look of terror on their faces.  I remember when we were living in Enterprise Alabama.  It was Easter.  After church we went to Po Folks restaurant.  All of a sudden a large bunny (aka The Easter Bunny) began making rounds.  You should have heard the wails when those boys spotted that poor innocent bunny.  Mr. Bunny had to circle the restaurant the other way.  Just long enough for us to pack up and pay our bill.  This was a little after their 2nd birthday.

Chuck E. Cheese.  You can forget that.  They love the place, but not the rat.  They don't even like the character rooms - thank goodness.  (I had a brief stint as a bus person at a CEC - in the beach boy room - ugh!).

We even cut a wide berth around McGruff the Crime Dogs that wander the mall.

No.  Disney is NOT in our future.  Busch Gardens was a great theme park to avoid all that character business.

Deep down, I think it is Ryan who is the most afraid.  And Jake just triggers off of him.  This is the first time Jake has displayed independence.  Yay!  He's growing up and becoming his own person.


gosso23 said...

Awww Santa! How cute. I wish my kids were little again. They want the santa presents though! This was such a cute entry. I loved it!

lanurseprn said...

Such a cute picture!