Saturday, January 27, 2007

calendar of events

Bear with me, or just ignore this entry.  I've been bothered that I cannot remember, off the top of my head, when I got my diagnosis.  So I've dug up some papers and old calendar and want to put down some dates.

Initial routine mammogram: June 19  Ft. Eustis, follow up mamm. June 21

Stereotactic biopsy: July 28  Tripler

followup: Aug 14  initial diagnosis

excisional biopsy:  August 24   followup: Sept. 6

MRI: Sept. 8   followup: Sept. 11

2nd biopsy and SNB: Sept. 14

it gets hazy here with the genetics test, radiology and onc visits - I'll find those later

but I definitely remember this: oct 15 the big earthquake and blackout  oct 16 mastectomy

dec. 11  fill #1

dec. 29  fill #2

jan. 19  fill #3

fill #4 scheduled for feb 5


lanurseprn said...

You've sure had a heck of a year.  Lets make this next one a good one.

gosso23 said...

When I read your entry I went and looked at my calender and all this started in June with my mammogram. It's hard to believe it's already going to be February!
Time flies when your having fun! lol