Tuesday, January 16, 2007

let's face it, I'm an old fart

*gasp*  Can I use that word on here?  Today I've been trying to set up a simple myspace blog.  Just a little simple something so I can interact with a group of us 40 somethings who are trying to lose some weight on the YOU on a Diet plan.  It was so slow and so NOT simple, I spent a whole lotta time doing nothing.  No matter what they say about AOL, these journals are EASY to start.

The diet is not going well, btw.  The girl scout cookies came the other day, they are gone as of a few minutes ago.  Evil girl scouts.  But now I have real, tangible incentive to be good.  I will be getting my cholesterol done at the end of march.  There's a date.  I've got to be good to stay off the meds. (and not get a heart attack, but the threat of heart disease doesn't seem to be imminent enough for me to get cracking)

The boys start school again tomorrow.  They've been out so very long, I hope their brains don't start sparking.    If I were a *good* mom, I would have been making them do a worksheet every day of the break.  All I have managed is to let them play way too much game boy and math twice in the four weeks and ryan has done a little handwriting each week.  Jake reads like a bandit, so I'm not worried about that.

The boys got their first birthday invite!  I'm so excited, because they were both invited.  We've been struggling with Ryan getting lots of invites, and Jake almost none.  The party is Saturday.  Next door.  Yes, the boy next door!  LOL!  She HAD to invite both of them.

And on the plus side, I got my first invite.  Well, it's an invite to all the ladies in the church to have a game night.  It's still my first.  yay!  maybe I'll make some new friends.  But you know, I've become quite the homebody.  It'll do me good to get out.

Gas on post: $2.73,  in town $2.83.   It shot up because some tax break has expired.

Did anyone catch today's Oprah?  She had Bob Greene on because he has a new book out "Best Life Diet".  She said it has 77 pages of recipes - so that might get me to buy it.  I like me a cookbook.  Does anyone else get depressed about all these diets?  Why are we such a society that cannot handle food in a reasonable manner?  I wish *I* could handle food in a reasonable manner.  How do people do it?  Howdid I do it before I hit adulthood?  I weighed 108 pounds for the longest time, then I got married.  And to think I thought I was fat then.  I wasn't fat, I was just out of shape.


lanurseprn said...

I know what you mean about those girl scout cookies.  Man they get inhaled here, not eaten!  Let me know how that recipe book is.  I might buy it if you like it.
So you weighed in at a whopping 108? Seriously, my right leg weighs more than that, ok? I'm serious.  And if you weigh in any  more than that now  it's a GOOD thing.  You NEED TO weigh more!  Sheesh! LOL!
On a more serious note, I know that you are aware of what you need to weigh.  I am just teasing you.  
Hope you are feeling good and having a good night.
I'm not sleeping.....so I sit here.

gandsbrock said...

Pam, Pam, Pam...  It is my desire to get down to 125-130.  108 is unimaginable.  :-O

lanurseprn said...

I forgot to say, I give you credit for setting up a myspace blog. I took one look at it and decided it was too complicated for me LOL!  So kudos to you!  

amyrangei said...

Ugh, sometimes it takes me a few hours to do on myspace what should take a few minutes, it can be soooo slow!!!!  I do love this blog, it is very easy.