Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm devastated

Truly devastated.  I AM an old fart.  And not just techno challenged. (which is such a cruel joke, considering that's my field of work - or used to be) 

I just got the pictures the boys took with their disposable cameras at the big island.   Well, I scanned and tried to add the picture, but it's too tiny to see anything.  Yes, I know I'm gray, but my goodness!  I look virtually white headed!  Bad lighting, I say.  I don't look nearly so grey in my bathroom mirror.   I just may have to go back to Earl.

Did anyone catch American Idol last night?  I really, really liked that one gal they had on at the end that sung "somewhere over the rainbow" (I hate that song, but you've got to catch Brudda Iz's version of it - truly awesome - little bits of it are on some commercials lately - oh yeah, I talked about this before - can't plug greatness enough!).  Anyway, this was the gal that had the really long curly hair, very pretty.  It looks like it's going to be a flake fest tonight.

But tonight my priority is Top Chef!!!!!!  They've been promising something juicy tonight.  I think one of the chef's gets kicked out.  I really hope not, but that's what it looks like.  At this time, I probably could go over to the website and find out what happened, but that would spoil it.

I go Friday to get another fill.  But I need to get new tires on the car before the long drive over the mountain there.  It gals me that the tires on our new 2005 car need changing already.  But they are almost slick and they make are horrible whoomp- whoomp- whoomp sound.

School is back in and my dander is getting up again.  I was so calm, cool and collected during the break - but homework - I swear that turns me into the mean, impatient, taskmaster.  I hate it.  *I* loved school when I was in it.  I played school when I was a child.  Why is it so different as a parent?  Why am *I* feeling the pressure?  Something's wrong here.


mumma4evr said...

Top Chef was gooood.....did not see any of that coming!!!!!

gosso23 said...

I liked the girl that sang Somewhere too! I watched Top Chef last night and it was good. What were they thinking when they shaved thier head? Here I am bald....going...NOOOOO don't do it.....!!!
I always hated helping my kids with homework. It's frustrating! Some of the stuff I didn't even get myself! Especially the math. ugg.
Hope your fill goes good on Friday. Take care

evanmyangel88 said...

Hi Steph. thank you so much for your inspiring comments on my journal. I am so proud of how far you have come through dealing with breast cancer, with such humor and dignity and you have such a wonderful outlook on life. It's great. I am struggling, but I know I'm gonna make it. I have a long way to go but I got such a great support group here. It helps more than you can know. I will try to keep up on it as I can, and if you dont hear from me for awhile, it doesnt mean I've given up, it just means I'm gathering up steam so I can move forward again in a positive way. Keep inspiring, keep up the good work and keep on truckin! Thanks again, Blessings always, Barbara

lanurseprn said...

I know what you mean about the homework.   I am an ICU nursing drug calculations....and when my son was in 6th grade he asked for help with math and I was dumbfounded!  I couldn't do it!  He's in advanced math now and I shudder to hear those words "Mom, I need help!"