Wednesday, January 24, 2007

positive things

I'm trying to work myself out of this funk.  Kinda hard when I'm reading a book about the holocaust - but this is a really good book.  I think I'm just learning more lessons on appreciation and need to roll with it.  I have a tendency to wall up emotions.  I know, hard to imagine after I admitted to crying in church every sunday.  Oh, and I cried at Charlotte's Web and teared up at Happy Feet.  Life is not the same after cancer.

Today I felt compelled to find out more about that poor girl that I had read about who just learned of her mets. (metasta-whatever)  I didn't want to shove it to the side.  I *needed* to learn more.  And I did.  And I was feeling just awful when Ryan - who was on a media blackout (no games, no tv, no radio, nuthin - he was in TROUBLE) called me to play a board game.  I gladly broke away from the pc.  And thoroughly enjoyed trouncing my boys at the game of LIFE.  Can you say $1.7 mil?  Woo-hoo!  But sadly I had no children.  :-(

Okay, for lighter banter.  I'm gonna have to toss the avacado seed.  It's got a moldy gunk eminating from it.  Yuck.  And really no roots yet.  Meanwhile, I have bought a little parsley plant.  I couldn't find cilantro, which I love, so I bought seeds.  I have a horrible time with seeds, but what the hey.  I planted some in a little pot and some in the ground outside.  I also bought mint seeds and onion seeds.  We'll see.  Supposedly avacado seeds are EASY to grow.  Hah!  Showed them.  Mint is supposed to be easy to grow too.  We'll see.

Oh, yeah.  The last time I bought the okinawan sweet potatoes, I bought an extra little one to sprout and hopefully grow my own crop.  LOL!  Does anyone remember how to sprout potatoes?

Have you see that show Living with Ed on HGTV?  Or seen previews?  It's about Ed Begley Jr. from St. Elsewhere (IIRC).  He's really into living green and he's kinda goofy in a nerdy, quirky, sort of oldfashioned dad way.  I like it, but it comes on too late.  Anyway, there's this episode where he has this big red rain barrel to catch rainwater from his gutters.      This hits too close to home!    I have a huge plastic paint bucket sitting at the corner of my house catching drips from the gutter to water plants!  Just about like Ed!  Oh gosh.  I guess my next move will be to hook up an exercise bike to a generator to create enough energy to run a toaster like Ed!  LOL!

Of course, my impetus for doing any of this stuff is I'm cheap.  Not very altruistic.  :-)


lanurseprn said...

I haven't seen Ed's show, but I recall him being the first I'd heard to own an electric car.  I thought it was cool.
I hope you feel better today.  

am4039 said...

I hope you get out of the funk soon. I have never watched that show before.Hope you have a great weekend.