Sunday, January 21, 2007

hard time catching up

I've got too many so-called "balls in the air" - at least when it comes to online things.   I'm not going to drop this journal, but something is gonna have to go.  I have a bunch of bc blogs that I read, but not comment on.  I think I can drop those without feeling guilt.  :-)  I should spend less time on the pc anyway.  There are so many interesting things, though.  I found a website where you can plot out your route and it'll give you the mileage.  So, I can spend a good long time on that one.  Here's the link:  Check it out!  It's really interesting.

Did some scrapbooking tonight.  Got two pages done.  Ugh.  I've got to make time to do more.

I got my fill yesterday.  Just 50 cc's, but boy did I feel it and va-va-va-voom!  I think I'm a B cup now!  Yesterday I was pretty sore, so before bed I took one of my prescription ibuprofens.  I got up this morning and went on my long slow walk and it began to ache again.  But by halfway though the walk, I was feeling good.  And have felt good all day.  See?  That's why I'm so crazy about walking.  It has been a really healing thing for me.  I walked for 1 hr. 45 minutes.  I felt all good and tingly for a while afterwards.  Endorphins I guess.  It's one of those "feel good" rewards for a hard job done well.

Anyway, my doc gave me the okay for doing the marathon.  He said I'd be long finished before then.  By end of April!!  He said I need 2 or 3 more fills.  He likes to overfill a little.  Then wait a few weeks before the surgery.

Before this last fill, I was getting a phantom itch, I guess you could call it.   Just a little tickling, but if I tried to scratch, I could feel anything!  How could I itch in a spot that has no feeling??  Crazy.  Well, it could drive you crazy if it were a really strong feeling.

My brother got a new job in Illinois.  Weird.  He's always job hunting, so that's not weird.  But the location is just... well, none of us have been there.  It'll be strange to have his family far away.  I know, who am I to speak?  But it makes ME feel better to have my family stable.  And my parents are talking about selling their house and moving back to the family home in Alabama and getting that fixed up.  Too many changes!  Everybody is supposed to be in NC when we retire!  Not fair!

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lanurseprn said...

Aren't those endorphins amazing? When I worked out I could actually "feel" it when they were kicking in.  Glad you're walking and feeling good.  
NC to retire? HOT HUMID?  Not for me.
Have a good Sunday.