Sunday, January 7, 2007

what ever happened to bar soap?

I'm packing for our trip tomorrow.  Yay, a couple of days on the Big Island (Hawaii).  Cabin on the volcano!  And I realize that the boys' shower gel is a foam that I can't transfer to a little bottle.  So they are getting some of my shower gel.  Then I think, how spoiled we all are.  We don't even use soap!  (well, we do, but in the shower, we use shower gel - except when I shave I use soap)  Somehow, everything in my shower smells like fruit.  And kids stuff - EVERYTHING devoted to kids is either fruit or bubblegum.  I have the Apple mango tango laundry detergent.  Lemon in the kitchen for dishes.  And then there's the candles.  We are one good smelling society.  And spoiled rotten.

The last time I thought about this was when I was in Morocco using a squatty potty desperately wanting to wash my hair.

Top Chef is getting on my nerves.  Everyone is picking on Marcel.  If you know me, I'm the person that always roots for the underdog.  So, as annoying as Marcel is (if you believe what the challengers say), I feel sorry for him and am mad at all of them for being so mean.  I find it especially annoying that they say his dessert wasn't sexy and blah blah blah.  I hate people picking on others.  Especially as stinging as these remarks must be.  Debbie Mazar was no help...

I walked 6 1/4 miles Saturday.  I tried out a new route.  I'm so glad I found a potty and water fountain.  That really refreshed me.  How on earth am I going to walk 26.2 miles????  I was wiped out afterwards, but had that good tingly feeling for a long time afterwards. 

I'm gaining weight.  I have stopped trying to watch what I eat.  christmas really killed me.  I'm trying to be good about grains and vegetables - but I have too many sweets in the house and we've eaten out too much.  I tried on jeans the other day and they are tight.  And I have to wear them on this trip!  I guess it'll keep my poor eating down to a dull roar.


lanurseprn said...

Good for you walking so far!  Take lots of pics on your trip and have a great time!

gosso23 said...

I know what you mean about Marcel. I was getting so mad watching that show! What did he do to get everyone so mad? Or are they just being mean?
I'm gaining weight too. I can't wait unitl treatment is over so I can get out and walk too!