Wednesday, January 24, 2007

top chef tonight!!

Part one of a two part finale!  I'm so excited!!  They're gonna be on the big island.  There was a whole article in the paper this week about it.  Unfortunately, IMO, one of the challenges will be for them to throw a luau, in their own style.  I don't know if you've had luau food, but it's not so hot, IMO.  The kahlua pork is great, rice is good, pineapple is good and the rest not so good.  Esp. depending on what luau you go to.  Sometimes it tastes like cafeteria quality food.  Poi, nasty.  I wonder if anyone will tackle that. 

However, I'm looking forward to seeing how they use local ingredients.  I just hope they have a chance to make non-luau foods - and normal-ish foods.  Please, enough with the scallops!  Who eats scallops??  Someone makes it every week and the judges always rave.

Can you believe Elia shaved off her beautiful thick, curly black hair????  Is she nutz?  And did you see how much has already grown back??  Mine would take years to grow back just a few inches.  But she has a very pretty petite feminine face.  She pulls off the bald look well.

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mumma4evr said...

I was pretty disgusted withelia and elan wanting to bash Marcel at the Judge's Table...enough school kid tattling all ready!  Sheesh, act like adults!  I reallyhope to see Marcel win.  I really do not like him but he has not, at least  that I remember, ever tattled on anyone  like they have on him.