Monday, January 29, 2007


The loud, piercing sound of a warning siren blared for over an hour this morning.  Thank goodness we were already awake, because it started at 6:40 this morning.  I flipped on the tv and there was nothing on there about it.  So I thought to myself, if it were a real tsunami warning, they'd be on the news with it.  Walked the boys to school and finally, on the tv they had a tiny blurb about it being a malfunctioning siren that wouldn't turn off.  Shortly after that, it turned off.  :-)

It was concerning because the weather has been a little freaky.  Very, very windy and rainy.  In the middle of the night last night we were awakened by the rain.  Very, very hard rain.  Then, as suddenly as it started, it just stopped.  Totally stopped.  Even the dripping stopped.  No tapering off.  Weird. 

Anyway, while the tv was on (we hardly ever have the tv on in the a.m.) there was a lady on there talking about her breast cancer diagnosis.  Apparantly she is a news anchor, diagnosed with stage 2, aggressive bc and has had a mastectomy with reconstruction and will soon start chemo.  She's in her 30's, had no family history and hadn't even had a mammogram yet.  I guess she's going to publicly document her experience.  I can't remember her name, but I'm sure it can be looked up.  Not that I need any more blogs to read.  LOL!

This morning, even before this show, I was remembering back, way back.  Do you remember before there was an HGTV there was that tv show?  Home and Gardens or something like that?  It's where we first heard of Carol Duvall, and I remember one of the hosts was Christina Ferrar - and I think Susan Powter made appearances.  It was a long time ago.  Anyway I remembered they had someone who was on staff, possibly a producer or someone, who had been diagnosed with bc.  An Asian lady.  I barely remember, but I do remember that they told about the expansion process and showed a little bit of it.  I was young and really not interested in that sort of thing (what young person is?), so I don't recall much.  But it's back there in my brain.  Should I waste more time looking it up online?  No, but I probably will!  I'm just curious that way.  I don't have anything profound or interesting to say about it.  Just talking.  :-)

We're going camping this weekend with the cub scouts.  I hope the wind and rain dies down, or I'm sleeping in the car!  Ryan told me he doesn't understand girls.  He's not at all bothered by dirt.  LOL!  It's not all girls, it's his mama he doesn't understand!  Today on the walk to school he said he loved the wind messing up his hair!  LOL!  Yep, not like me at all!


mzgoochi said...

that siren would have scared me into a panic attack.

lanurseprn said...

Thank goodness that siren wasn't anything serious.  WOW!

gosso23 said...

I would have been running for the hills if I heard that siren! lol
I had a wierd dream the other night, my sister was with me and we were in this valley and a huge wall of water was coming at us. I said "grad the tree top" lol
too wierd!
Have fun camping this weekend. It sounds fun. Hope it doesn't rain.
Take care,