Wednesday, January 3, 2007

hoomaluhia gardens pictures

We had a good time and got the car really muddy.  Ryan was a basket case at one point because I took them on a trail and it was not a well-marked trail.  It was muddy and cloudy and windy.  He said, "if it rains, it's your fault!".  I told him not to worry about it.  That he should trust me, and to stop worrying because he wasn't enjoying himself.  If it rains, we won't melt and I won't get them lost!  We passed a little shelter at one point and that made him feel better - we could huddle there if it rained.  And then, we drove to a spot where we could walk to an overlook.  We had to walk up a big hill that had a chain going across it.  I figured the chain was to prevent cars from driving up there and it wouldn't hurt just to go look.  He was so worried that we would get in trouble!  LOL! Poor guy.  I *do* understand him.  I'm just like him.  And I was a little worried, but I'm old enough to know that I can explore just a little bit to find out what the deal is - as long as I'm not putting us in danger.  And, we discovered that the overlook was actually there way up top around the corner.  It was a great view, but didn't translate well in my pictures.  The weather was too cloudy for good pictures.

Of course, when we got home I had to wash shoes and vacuum the van.  And make popcorn and unwind.  I'm still unwinding, 2 hours later!!  LOL!  On the other hand, Jake and Ryan are hyper.  THAT'S why kids are so skinny.  Endless energy.  Jake is literally, at this moment, running circles around the house.

Anyone wanna give me a haircut?  I'm not going back to Earl and pay $35 for a stinkin hair cut!  That's crazy!

I can't wait until tonight.  Top Chef is back!  I'm sick of the reruns.



am4039 said...

love the pictures. I'm like you, lol a little daring. Sometimes you just have to break the rules a little.

lanurseprn said...

Those pictures of your boys are so good. I like the last one the best!  Handsome young men!
Wow $35 for a haircut??  Come on over...I'll cut it!  I'll make coffee and we can chat awhile.
Have a good evening.