Sunday, January 7, 2007


I've been feeling bad about my $35 comment.  I don't begrudge hairdressers money well earned.  I think they are a hard working group of people, and I admire them and their ability to transform a person.  (and stand on their feet all day)  You couldn't make me cut someone's hair.  I just would not do a good job and I'm afraid of making someone cry.  Plus, I just don't have that artistic vision.  I"m also intimidated by hairdressers and never really tell them what I want and always hope for the best and usually go home either crying, fixing or fuming.  And I'm sure that's my fault for not piping up.  A lot of that stems from the fact that I'm not confident about my looks, especially my hair.  They are doing the best with what's in front of them.  I've really liked the last two gals I've gone to.  They did good haircuts and good color.

Anyway, I also wanted to say that I've come to see what a valuable, useful, skill they have.  When my parents went to Thailand to teach ESL, they met a missionary who was a hairdresser.  Her mission was to minister to ladies trying to get out of, ahem, prostitution.  They had a home for them to live until they could get respectible jobs and support themselves.  And part of this missionary's thing was to do their hair.  As you can imagine, a loving, hands on touch can really heal a heart.  It helps the girls feel clean and respectable.  She also cut the hair of missionaries as a part of her ministry.  When I went on my trip to Morocco, one of the ladies in our group was a hairdresser, and the spouse of our leader was also a hairdresser.  They both were needed in a big time way when dealing with the lice issue.  Of course, so were the mamas in the group who had already dealt with lice in their own children.

I just wanted to put that out there.  I don't begrudge someone $35.  But I just can't afford that every 6 weeks.  Especially if I didn't like the cut and don't feel like I can talk to them.  And that's MY issue.

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