Wednesday, May 9, 2007

assumptions & rebellion

Yesterday I got sucked in to reading things that got me pondering.

Online, I've got a few acquaintances who are very different from me, uh, religiously.  One woman, I've previously referred to her as my arch nemesis.  She's not, I just like that term.  We crossed paths once and she flamed the living daylights out of me and I posted a hasty retreat.  She does not know that I read her blog.  No, I'm not a stalker, she actually scares me.  I do like her writing because she's smart and a good writer and I think it's morbid curiosity.  Maybe a hint of stalking, now that I read this.  LOL!  But, she does spew abuse to those who do not comply with her viewpoint, so it's wise to stay away from her radar.  Her blog yesterday spewed forth venom yet again.  (it's her blog and she can blog what she wants to - no, not a J-lander)

The other gal is not like this lady at all.  She's nice, but we have our own different minds about subjects that we agreed we cannot talk about.  We both belong to an online group and converse regularly.  She's also part of an online book review thing, so I get updates on her current reads.  One book in particular she's reading caught my attention so I looked it up on amazon and read reviews.

What's in common with these two things, the book and the blog entry?  The assumptions made.  Almost identical.

What comes to mind when you hear these things?:

I'm Southern Baptist

I'm a Christian

I'm curious what you thought.  I hope it wasn't horrible.  But if it was like what I read, I wouldn't like me either.  I'm glad these people/things aren't the definers of  reality.  :-)


So, for those of you who don't like religious talk, here's your cue to exit...

Well, I felt compelled to say SOMETHING.  Had to get it off my chest and this is all the Lord is allowing.  In fact, when my blood started to boil, the Lord told me that I was supposed to be praying for my arch nemesis (heretofore known as A.N.).  I have NOT been praying for my A.N.  I have been rebelling.  He's been telling me for years to pray for her and I've thrown out a few.  But He's compelling me to do it again.  Have you tried to ignore God when He's asking you to pray for someone?  It's hard!!  I hope I'm not the only one who struggles with rebellion.  Well, maybe I should hope that I am!  :-)  Anyway, there were some particular words that literally jumped off the screen at me and smacked me in the face and said, this woman is crying out for help regardless that her words are just the opposite.  Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.  It's hard.

Is it melodramatic of me to want to call her my arch nemesis (A.N.)?    ;-)


mzgoochi said...

I almost wanna say I know who you're talking about.

lanurseprn said...

I like that name! I'm gonna use it sometime!  When I grew up, I was taken to Catholic Church by my Mother. I did all the classes and all that stuff. My Dad however, took me to Southern Baptist Church. They were divorced. Neither one cared which church the other took me too.  Talk about a diverse religious upbringing!  I have since attended both types of churches as an adult and can see benefits to both.  I've had long discussions with the Priest about things. Interesting stuff.
I think if that person is actually "mean" and very condescending, it makes me wonder about her. True Christians are bred differently I think.  She must be a very unhappy woman.  
BTW...I've tried to pray for my ex husband...and I just can't!! I say the words, but it's not in my heart.  So I know what you mean.

gandsbrock said...

Pam, that woman is not a Christian and has no desire to be one or like one.  She's of a different religion which I don't want to name, because I know that she isn't representative of these people.