Thursday, May 31, 2007

newest prospect on the job horizon

Okay, just a little while ago I told you that we may get to go to Japan next.  I've been so excited about that, I've even started trying to learn the Japanese alphabet...

Yesterday Gary tells me of another prospect.  Ft. Bragg, NC.  I know, you're thinking, why?  You poor thing.  Well, it's not all that bad.  We've been trying for that for EVER and never get sent there.  Yes, the only soldier in the Army who actually ASKS to go there, and doesn't get sent.  We've (I've) wanted it purely for location.  It's close to home.  We (I) don't like that it's HOT and highly deployable.  Anyway, Gary and his boss were talking about someone who works there that they both know and mentioned that he liked his job.  The boss agreed that this would be a great job for him.  So, the next day boss is on the phone with the placement folks talking about other stuff and he mentions this job and now there is a notation on Gary's file.

How's them apples?

Japan,     Ft. Bragg.        Hmmmmm.

So, my other bit of exciting news.  Gary was supposed to go to Australia this fall.  His passport expires very soon.  In order to get a VISA he has to have had a valid passport for 6 months.  Theoretically, he isn't supposed to need a passport, but, yeah, right...  This is a little problem.  So, boss was scheduled to go to Australia in April next year and has proposed to swap trips since he and his wife were going to visit Australia this fall for two weeks anyway.  Suh-weet!  Because *I* get to go!  We are going to make a proposition to my MIL and SIL to come for two weeks, on us, to vacay and babysit!  I told him, if we don't get to go to Japan, then he BETTER take me to Australia!  This is probably the last time we'll live in Hawaii and the closest we'll ever be to Australia.

I'm kinda liking this boss.  :-)

oh, last little tidbit.  This is embarrassing.  I bought new running shoes (for my walking) today.  Went to a proper sports store and got them to measure me and watch my gait, all that good stuff.  He pulls out a couple of shoes - get this - size 10 wide!  <faint>  My normal shoe size is 8 1/2 narrow.  When I buy my own walking shoes I buy size 9 regular.  These boats look like mens shoes.  They're huge!  But oh the wiggle room for the toes.  Very nice.  Lot's of space.  You need that when you walk for hours in the blazing heat.  Your feet swell.  Egads.  I'm going to have to wear these on the plane - they would take up too much room in the luggage.  need their own overhead compartment.


lanurseprn said...

I've been to Ft. Bragg. It's actually nice! My Uncle lives in NC and was stationed there. We had fun in NC.  We drove north to the Jamestown Settlement in Virginia. Lots to see and learn in that area. wear 10 wide!! Ahem....don't make FUN now!! I know they're surfboards...but REALLY!

amyrangei said...

Australia? I`m so jealous!  Take tons of pics and bring back a kangaroo for us here in j-land.        Amy

nana0014 said...

Cool Australia that would be great. Take lots of pics. Heck if your MIL and SIL can't go can you hire this grandma as a Nanny and take me.
Take care, Chrissie

mumma4evr said...

when I had my Medical massage class we all had to get up in front of the class and  first stand and then walk to have our stance and gait was really funny to hear all the comments...I was told I definatley had a military stance....Darn those 4 navy years!  LOL