Sunday, May 13, 2007

my resolve grows shaky

I don't know if I can go through with the spongebob tattoo.  I get squeemish when I imagine me sitting on the table with the little paper shirt on and the imagining the doctor asking me to open the shirt.  What would I say???  He's a very happy doctor, so I'm sure he'll try to go with the flow, but I'm sure he doesn't remember and will think I'm insane!  The other day I went out and bought 2 more packs of different tattoos.  I showed them to DH and he chose this goofy flower that has a smiley face in the center.  I think he chose it because it was the only one in the general circle-ish shape.  There's a peace symbol, but I'm not the hippie type and it isn't very attractive.  There is one that has 3 hearts, I like that one.  There is a green tree frog, that would be funny, but I might as well put on spongebob.  I think tonight I'll put on the spongebob and live with it for the night and some tomorrow.  Then I'll probably forget about it and not have enough time to remove it and HAVE to go to my pre-op with it on!  That's my plan for fooling myself.  LOL!  Shhhh.  Don't tell.

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lanurseprn said...

It would be a surprise, that's for sure! Hope you had a good Mother's Day.