Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm home

And a little sore.  I got home yesterday after surgery.  Between naps, I threw up.  That sucked.  My sympathies to the ladies who have to do chemo.  Somehow, I slept all night and woke up feeling so much better.  I'm still sore.

The results.  Not so good, right now.  The lifted side is HUGE, very swollen.  But it's gonna be perky, I can tell.  This is the most sore side.  The implant side, small.  He says it's been squashed by the wrap and will fluff out to be a C cup.  Hmmm.  Looks like a barely B to me.  But I need to trust his 20 years experience and give it time.  It's got a nice little droop, the crease is good.  With the expander, it was a little stripper-ish having a high ridge, but that ridge is gone and has a natural looking slope.  Maybe I got a little too used to the stripper look.  LOL!  I don't care if it's small as long as they both match.  Ya know?  Match at least enough to not be noticable.  Right now it's D cup and B cup.  LOL!  But it's soft.  No more softball on my chest.  I got the saline.  No sloshing yet! 

*sigh* I'm disappointed, because I was expecting the reveal to be awesome.  If I had been prepared I wouldn't be so down.  But, I should have guessed it.  Swelling and squashing. 


gosso23 said...

Aww, hope your feeling good. I'm sure you will even out soon and have cute  perky matching boobles...(as my husband calls them)...Take care and feel better soon.

lanurseprn said...

You'll be ok. Just give it time to heal a bit. Swelling will really distort things...even boobs! <wink>

nana0014 said...

Glad your surgery is over now just take time and let yourself heal. Everything will be fine you'll see.
Take care, Chrissie