Thursday, May 24, 2007

let's talk about food!

I feel like talking about food.

Grandpa, what's fer supper?  Bar-b-que sammiches, co' slaw, beans, hush puppies and strawberry shortcake.  Yum-yum!   

Did you ever watch Hee-Haw?  LOL!

I made angel food cake last night (despite my defunct oven) and this morning threw together the slaw - made using a Bill Phillips (aka mr. body for life) recipe.  Easy supper - all I have to do is heat the other stuff up.  Rachel Ray ain't got nothing on me!  We don't get barbeque here very much and it just struck me that I wanted to make it (er, dump it out of the container and heat it up).  How do you decide what to fix for supper?

Normally I fall into a rut - grill some meat, fix a vegetable and a starch, cut up fruit for dessert.  Maybe even some of those frozen Pillsbury biscuits if I think that most of the meal is not going to go over well with the natives.  This week I've been a little more creative.  Makes me feel like a good cook and a good provider.

I figure the more we eat at home, the healthier we'll stay.  Less fat, salt and sugar and maybe someone (or two or three) will take a bite of vegetables and fruit.  I'm trying to brainwash my children into thinking that fruit is a dessert - even if it is occasionally in the form of strawberry shortcake.  We do indulge in the occasional ice cream sandwich or push up.

It's funny, because when my parents were here, my mom got exhausted thinking about supper.  She asked me if we always ate like this.  Like what?  I was confused, because she always threw the most elaborate suppers - all homemade - and mine are by no means elaborate.  I think it's age, on her part.  She used to make all that harder-to-fix stuff, like pepper steak, stew beef, liver and onions (yuk!), curried fruit, lasagne (not so much spaghetti), homemade bread, rolls, stroganoff, chicken fried steak, etc., etc.  I have long given up casseroles and frying anything.  So *I* think what I make is simple.  And boring.

Maybe once I get started on working on my recipes, mealtime will get more interesting and eating out will be less tantilizing.

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lanurseprn said...

I make boring stuff, too! I used to cook more when I was married.  I liked it then. But, now....forget it.