Tuesday, May 29, 2007

hair pictures and anniversary

Got my hair cut and colored today, highlights and lowlights.  FINALLY got rid of the Prince Valient look.  Goodness, I saw her chopping off 3 inches!  I wonder how short it will be when I do it myself in the morning.  I decided to take a picture of it "fixed".  This is more appropriate for going out, I like it a bit more casual for everyday wear.  I tried to take a picture of the back, but that was too hard.  She really went wild curling it upwards.  And my hair is happy to oblige.  LOL!  I think the color has knocked a few years off my age, or at least has brought me back to my age.  That gray was just too old!

Yesterday was our anniversary.  Married 19 years!!  Woo-hoo!  Gary had Friday off and the boys were in school, so that was the little bit of time we had together.  We ran out to the store and bought the first season of Lost.  We don't buy DVD's or videos, so that was special.  And we watched as much of it as we could.  And every evening, after the boys go to bed, we've been trying to watch the rest of the episodes.  We still have a ways to go.  Season 1 is so good!

Our weekend:  Saturday the boys had a birthday party to go to.  They had one of those bounce houses.  At the end of the party, Ryan was complaining that he was feeling bad.  I thought it may have been the heat coupled with all the candy and junk - plus, a boy there threw up.  But he had a fever and had the fever all day sunday.  I blame the nasty bounce house.  Those things have to be teaming with little kid germs.  Then Jake came down with the fever on Monday.  Jake and Gary went to Punchbowl, a veterans cemetary, with the cubscouts and put leis and flags on the graves on Sunday.  I took Ryan to see Shrek 3 on Monday.  Jake didn't want to see it and he was sick anyway.

Hope y'all had a good long weekend.  Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all the veterans.


nana0014 said...


I love the hair cut and color. I can't do gray either even if mother nature keeps trying. I need a cut so badly, but my girl moved now I gotta find her or a new one. Grrr. Congrats on such a special occasion 19 years is something very special. I've been thinking about buying the Lost Series also. Now that you say it's so good I might have to. So sorry the boys got sick. You know those things never get cleaned I mean how hard would it be to wash it down with bleach water. Thanks for sharing with us.

Take care, Chrissie

lanurseprn said...

I REALLY like your hair. The color suits you very well! And the style would be good for everyday wear, too. But, I'm sure it's hard to get it to look like that each morning.  Very pretty pictures. Congrats on your anniversary!
Hope the boys feel better soon!

gosso23 said...

You look so cute! I love the hair. Love the color. Wow, 19 years congratulations. Hope you have many many more together. I swear you resemble Princess Diana! Especially your nose and mouth. (thats what I could see when I was posting this and I said...whoaaa....princess diana...lol)
Enjoy your dvd's

mumma4evr said...

great look, I like it!!!!!
this Navy Vet, thanks you for your thanking me...LOL

kmb10387 said...

I love the new "doo" and color.  I want to do something with mine and I don't know what.  Looks great.

We have been off school since last Thursday, and my kiddo's are starting to drop like flies.  I blame it on Disney World.  We spent two days there over the weekend and who knows what germs they brought home.  It's going to be a long summer.........

amyrangei said...

Your hair looks cute!!