Wednesday, May 23, 2007

return of the fun guy

<cue ominous music> duh-duh-duh-dummmmmm!

Well, I don't have a fungus, but I'm back on the same cream I was put on after the mastectomy.  It cracks me up.  The uses says it's to treat skin infections such as athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm and certain kinds of dandruff.  LOL!  Yeah, the last time they prescribed it, I freaked a little.  Felt a little insulted and grossed out.  But he said it is to prevent a fungus.  All this sweating and the heat and the scratching - not to mention the allergy.

I went in to the doc this morning after crying on my walk home from school.  I was itching so so bad.  The itching had subsided to tolerable levels over the weekend, but last night it flared up and then this morning was just awful.  When I got home and took off my clothes to take a shower, a red rashiness had creeped down my rib area. (it was extremely hot this morning, it's been that way all week, and I was dripping sweat just from the short walk)  The shower didn't help, I was scratching and crying in there too.  The doc told me that a cool shower helps.  Now I know.

Anyway, I feel vindicated.  They looked at me in horror (and maybe a little bit of that "that's so cool!" fascination they get, LOL!).  Redness and itchiness that you know is exacerbated by heat and sweat is the kind of thing that you really debate whether or not this is something you go in to the doctor over.  But when I saw it had spread, I knew that was wrong.

Another vindication is that he confirmed that I'm allergic to the ding dang steri strips. (apologies for the language)  Well, the stuff they paint on you to stick on the steri strips.  He called it benzoine or benozine - I gotta google it - that and something that starts with an "M" but I can't remember it.  He said if I ever had another surgery to make sure I told them to not use it.  Well, hello!  I've been telling you people that from the beginning!  Not to worry.  I took pictures.  My next surgery, I'm bringing it and maybe that will make an impression.  The good news is I've been given the okay to peel off the steri strips!  I managed to get about half of them off already.

And my last vindication: according to the hospital scales, I've lost 2 pounds since last week!  Ya-hoo!  Makes me feel good because last night it was really hard to not grab a late snack and now I'm glad I didn't.

Oh, the nurse also said that a bag of frozen peas helps a lot.  I'm doing fine right now - but maybe after I pick the boys up from school I'll need that tip.


dornbrau said...

I never had allergies until I went to the doctors.
Hope the cream works.
And thanks for the caramacs!  Love them!  I'm from Hawaii, Waipahu to be exact.  I pigged out on my sisters stash of Caramacs when I went home in Feb for my parents 50th.  
Come by and visit Dust Bunnies again... and bring more caramacs!

lanurseprn said...

I hope the cream works and you feel better.

am4039 said...

you poor thing, I sure hope the cream works.