Sunday, May 6, 2007

busy, busy, busy

camping with the cubscouts this weekend.  I stayed just one night. I can't do two nights!  Egads!  A gal needs a shower in private!

No, I had to meet someone at church this morning, so that was my excuse for coming home.  We are discussing hosting a 5 day bible club this summer in my backyard - the lady we're talking to works for Child Evangelism.  She's like in her 80's - but spunky!  Our church isn't having a vacation bible school - and I haven't heard about any other churches having one.  Lot's of kids come to the Lord, or first hear about the Lord this way, so I think it would be great to host this.

My birthday is tomorrow.  I'll be 42.  (yes, I'm still clinging to the 41 for as long as I can)  I don't feel any older.  But I hope this year is better than last.  Let's see.  I'm getting a new boob and getting a lift - so that's a good start.  We are going out to eat tonight instead of tomorrow.  I'm recording The Two Towers - so I'm not missing it!

Anyway, my mammogram is Tuesday.  I finally broke down and told my Sunday School class.  Well, I've only attended the class like 4 times.  The teacher always passes out index cards for you to write your name and number and a prayer concern to share with one other person in the class. I did that, but I thought I really needed to get the whole class praying for me.  No need to keep things such a secret.  Of course I started bawling - but I'm an easy crier.  Anyway, our sweet teacher offered to come with me to my mammogram.  How sweet is that?  She said that she had a friend, about 10 years ago, go through all this and she went to a lot of her appointments.  I would love to have her go, but I've got to carry the boys to their dad's work so he can watch them during my appointment.  (surprise, no school that day)  Too many moving parts, it makes me anxious just thinking about it!

I'll post camping pictures when I get them downloaded. 


purplehazebarn said...

Happy Birthday!  You are so very young!  Live life to its fullest--when you get old you just don't have all that energy any more.  Also, will be praying that your mammogram will relieve your mind from worry and fear.  I only had "close watching"--and I know the angst each six months when it was time for the mammogram.  Much love, LaVern

lanurseprn said...

I hope your birthday is special!!  

kmb10387 said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie!