Monday, May 7, 2007

B@@B post

Okay, I've just been reading posts at a BC site and felt compelled to post.  I was reading about a young lady who recently had a mastectomy (a double) and felt like a 14 year old boy and was afraid to show her DH.  (her DH has been very kind and gentle with her)  These are VERY common feelings.  I just feel compelled to express my gratitude to my DH.  It didn't much even cross my mind (poor guy) that he might not want to see.  I didn't give him a choice after my surgery.  He was the one to unwind me from the wrap.  He was the first to see - even before me.

As I've gone through these months since surgery, he's been subjected to me pointing out EVERYTHING.  Honey, come look at this.  Honey, look at the marks this bra left on me.  Honey, look at how I don't fill out this bra.  Honey, do you think I'll be this same shape after my surgery? ... Poor man.  It doesn't occur to me that this is not as fascinating to him as it is to me.  Except when it's time to be "close".  Ahem.  THEN I want to cover up.  But bless his soul, it's all gotta come off.  Not only do I have this scarred fake boob and the scarred natural boob, I've got all this blubber.  I'm at my very heaviest, not counting pregnancy.  He doesn't care.  Now that's a good man!  (and maybe bordering on desperate?  LOL!)


Okay, off of sex and on to the other bosom subject.  Yesterday I drove home from the camping trip.  It took about 1 1/2 hours.  DH's car.  Got home and took a shower.  Noticed a largish dent in the center of my boob.  Ack!  Wasn't there before.  And, does it look smaller?  Do I have a leak?  Didn't feel sloshy.  Not to panic. I've had weird indentations from seams in bras, so I was going to wait and see.  I was wearing my fave bra, so that wasn't it.  Maybe the expander rotated due to the rough night of tent sleeping?  Wonder, wonder.  So I used my free time to go to the mall.  Guess what?  It soon became clear that it was the seat belt!!  It hits my chest in a different spot than my car!  Ding, ding, ding!!  (I'm sure you figured it out immediately) 

This does not happen to natural boobs.  At least it hasn't ever happened to me before.  Will this happen withimplants?  Or will a whole new set of surprises come?  Oh, the other thought I had.  What if I did have a leak?  How would that affect my high blood pressure, all that saline flooding my system?  Gotta ask the PS that one.  But I doubt he will know.  Just a hunch.

Obviously it's bedtime.  You may not believe this - but I will not be dwelling on this all night.  I'm not the type, usually, where thoughts swirl around all night keeping me awake.  (only if I'm nervous about an event happening the next day, "first day of school syndrome")  Now that I've released it out there, I probably won't even give it a second thought and will forget to ask the PS!  LOL!  I have dingy moments.  :-)


lanurseprn said...

I think your hubby is a good guy!  NOT desperate...geez!  LOL!  You picked a winner there.  
Interesting about your thoughts on I never give mine much thought. Who'd have thought a seat belt would do that??  
Have a good day.

gosso23 said...

Aww, Your husband is a sweety. He loves you, thats why it doesn't matter to him if your fat, skinny, boobless, or if you have a dent in your boob from the seat belt!
(or if you have little pigtails in your hair) lol Sorry had to get that in there.
Take care, Trish