Tuesday, May 8, 2007

good news!

My mammogram was good!  Yipee!


She had to retake one shot (due to denseness), and then it took them forever to read them.  But very much worth the wait.  It felt so unusual to just walk away.  She came in and told me I was good to go, so I had to confirm exactly what she meant.  She said, it's good, see ya next year!  (I gave a little whoop!)

What a relief.  When I was sitting there in the gown, waiting and waiting, I started to get those familiar feelings.  I didn't like the looks of that stereotactic table, and there was some poor lady in the ultrasound room.  All reminders to me that no, I'm not crazy to be so diligent in checking myself in the shower.  It happens, it did happen, and it can happen again.

But for now, I can breathe!  And I do like breathing in that fresh Hawaii air!


lanurseprn said...

Oh I'm so glad it's good!   YIPPEE!!

purplehazebarn said...

So glad you had GOOD NEWS.  A real cause to celebrate!  I envy you living in Hawaii.  Only visited once for three weeks, but surely hated to come home--no ocean, sand beach, or such beautiful vegetation.  Enjoy!!!!    LaVern

gosso23 said...

I am so happy for you! What great news. :)

kmb10387 said...

YEah!!!!  Excellent news.